Age: 19

From: Kandal Province

Major: Nursing

School: University of Health Sciences

I come from the Kien Svay district in Kandal province. My father works as a driver for a car company. My mother is a housewife. We live in the Banteay Dek commune.I have 3 younger sisters who are 9, 11 and 15 years old. At first, I lived with my grandparents because my family was too poor. I helped my grandparents plant and sell vegetable for their living, while going to kindergarten in The Prek Kong Reach Elementary School. But, after some time, I was sent back to my parents, because my grandparents were too sick to care for me. My family lived in a small hut next to the road. My mother raised a few pigs. At that time, my
father was working as a security guard very far from home and he returned home only every three months. Being a security guard wasn’t thought well of; our neighbors, and even relatives, looked down on him. Life was busy. When I got out of school, I immediately helped my mother with chores. Every time a heavy rain came, it brought a strong wind which blew the roof to one side of the house. At night, we pined for our father to return home. We wanted him back so that he could protect us.

I was a good student and always received good grades. I always studied very hard, despite my poor living condition, for my family’s sake. At one point, my parents’ siblings lent us some money to build a new house. Our current house had already been old when we bought it, and it only deteriorated over time. When I was in 11th grade, I studied with an organization called Young Life Cambodia. They offered some free courses. While taking a free course I met teacher Sovann [Global Children’s Student House Supervisor]. He advised me to apply for a university scholarship at Global Children Cambodia, so I did. After teacher Sovann found out I passed my national exit exam in twelfth, he offered me a scholarship and I accepted it.

Now, I am studying nursing. I want to be a very good nurse so that I can help my family and other people in need. In 10 years, I want to to live in the province with my family and open a clinic and I want to continue my study abroad.