Age: 19
From:  Pursat Province
Major: Nursing
School: University of Health Sciences

I am the 4th child in my family. My father is a motorcycle taxi driver and he is 51 years old. My mother is vegetable seller and she is 53 years old. My parents had 5 children. My oldest sister is disabled, paralyzed in her arm. My next older brother is unemployed and lives at home, my third older she died and my youngest brother is still in school. I was a child whose parents had high expectations. I am not the oldest in the family, but they are counting on me to be a family provider. I’ve been tired, but I would never give up. I have had to take jobs, despite knowing that they were beyond my ability, in order to put food on the table. Moreover, my both of my parents are old. My father has an eye disease which causes his eyes become sensitive to the light. My mother was diagnosed with arthritis and she cannot walk. I’m always worried for them when I am away from home. There was a special exemption test given in the 3rd grade; whoever passed would move right up to 4th grade. I took the exam doubting my academic ability. But to my surprise, I passed and went to study with  4th graders that year.  I received a lot of support in my studies from my teachers, neighbors, classmates and friends. Then, I graduated from my elementary school. I graduated high school in 2015.

Before I arrived at Global Children Cambodia, I was very hopeless about my family’s future and especially my own future. Who was there for me to rely on? The more I thought about it , the more afraid and worried I got. Now I’m less afraid. The door to my future is open, due to the support from the GCC organization. When Teacher Som Sovann came to my house, he surprised me and said that I was accepted into Global Children’s scholarship program. My heart was jumping and I was so happy. I knew that my dream was bit by bit become reality. Now, I’m studying in a university. My aspirations for the future are to become a qualified medical doctor, well-known and with recognition from the people. I hope that a professional career will help me avoid any difficulty.