#RaceToCambodia With Our Team and Supporters!

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Our team showing off their #RaceToCambodia teeshirts post-run

Our team showing off their #RaceToCambodia teeshirts post-run

On Saturday, August 29, at an hour when many would still be sleeping off their Friday nights, team members and friends of Global Children gathered in Central Park to participate in the France 8K Run.  Founder Laura Tancredi, whose passion for running has infected many in the office, wanted to find a way to tie something she loved in with a way to benefit Global Children. So, this summer, she created the Global Children Running Team. Nine members — Paulina Navarrete, Jorge Gonzalez, Sopita Soth, Amanda Bou, Akbar Jaffer, Sina Bou, Narin Siem, Karen Baffoni, Michelle My — joined Laura on the 29th in the inaugural #RaceToCambodia.


Team members Paulina Navarette with Jorge Gonzalez, and Narin Siem.

                        Team members Narin Siem and Paulina Navarette with Jorge Gonzalez.

Members were asked to raise funds to support Global Children, and many got creative.  Michelle My made an amazing time-lapse video promoting the race, which you can still check out here!  If you’re interested in joining our running team, we’re always looking for new members who are enthusiastic about health and Global Children.  No matter your fitness level, we encourage you to begin training and join us — we will be participating in races of varying difficulty level, so whether you’re a distance sprinter or just starting out, don’t hesitate.    Check out the rest of our pictures below!

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Numbers and Shirts the Evening Before!

                       Numbers and Shirts the Evening Before!