Stuffed Cambodian Pumpkin! A Recipe Just in Time for Halloween

By October 16, 2015 No Comments

If you’re looking for last-minute ideas for a main dish at your Halloween party, why not bring Cambodia into the mix? This month, the team at Global Children is cooking up a spookily spicy Cambodian Stuffed Pumpkin — and it’s so easy, it’s scary!

Best of all? You only need four ingredients to pull this dish off: a small to medium pumpkin, 2 cups of coconut cream, 5 egg yolks, and 3/4 of a cup of palm sugar.

Preheat the oven to 170 degrees, and start by cutting the top off of your pumpkin. (It’s a fun idea to pick up a few pumpkins at a time and have let your family have a carving competition while you work!) Then, place (gently!) the pumpkin into a large “cauldron” about a third full of simmering, not boiling, water. Let the pumpkin sit in the hot bath for about an hour, so that the “guts” can be more easily scooped out.

After an hour, (and hopefully, your victory in the carving contest) scoop out the pumpkin’s filling. In a separate bowl, whisk together the five egg yolks and the 3/4 cup of palm sugar. On your stovetop, boil the coconut cream (slowly) and then take it off the heat and gently fold it into the eggs mixture. Next, pour the mixture of egg yolks, coconut cream, and palm sugar into the pumpkin, and let it bake in your oven for 25 minutes.   The mixture should have a custard-like consistency, but when you remove it, be sure to let it cool for at least fifteen minutes. Serve by cutting into the pumpkin as you would a birthday cake — and it wouldn’t hurt to add a hint of maple ice cream!

Bring a little bit of Cambodia to every holiday!