Somlor Machu Trei Recipe From Mom’s Cambodian Recepies

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If you’re anything like us, you can’t get enough of Cambodian cuisine.  Known for it’s fabulous spices, fun textures, and of course, endlessly creative uses of rice, Cambodian cooking is hard to beat.  It’s also notoriously hard to find in the States. Our solution? Why not improve your culinary skills by learning how to make Cambodian dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen?

The YouTube account “Mom’s Cambodian Recipes”  has become the ultimate authority in Khmer dishes, and our team at Global Children is obsessed with her recipes.  No matter your level of cooking ability (and mine is quite low, so don’t by shy!) her videos offer clear instruction plus the all-important visual aid.

One of our favorite dishes is the ultra-savory Cambodian catfish soup, Somlor Machu Trei.  It’s inexpensive and easy to make — with minimal cleanup.  We’ve printed Mom’s Cambodian Recipes ingredient list for you below, so you can know what to pick up at the store.  Then,  click here to watch her recipe video — and feel free to send us pictures of your successful soups! Happy cooking!


2-3 Pounds of Cleaned Catfish

1/2 cup of lemongrass paste (kreung)


Tamarind Soup Base Mix

Chicken Flavor Soup Base Mix